10 + New Features in iOS 14: Apple WWDC 2020 Event

10 + New Features in iOS 14: Apple WWDC 2020 Event

For all Apple lovers and even those that haven’t got one this was one spectacular announcement at the WWDC as to how great has the improvement of the brand’s devices.

Top 10 + Features for iOS 14

The following are the newly enhanced mindboggling top 10 features that make the perfect mobile operating system.

  1. Home Screen Updated

There has been a much awaited transformation of home screen in iOS 14. Unlike earlier this time users will be able to add scalable widgets into the existing ones. These are again all rounded for consistent viewing like traditional way.

  1. Widgets inside App Library

Users now needn’t waste their precious time trying to spot out widgets from host of other ones. This is tiring. Hence, users now get to choose their apps arranged automatically in folder and stored in new App Library.

  1. Stopping Aggressive Phone Calls

Users can find a call right on top of phone without moving out of their games or browsing sessions. They may take the call as they do not take up the whole screen and then return back to their work or games.

  1. Language Translation

You may find Apple Translate app fabulous as it helps you to talk over phone with another person in different language rather breeze. The screen is divided into two parts when held horizontally so that both parties can read what other has conveyed.

  1. Easy to Use App Clips

For online purchase users needn’t hunt for the right app from App Store and downloading the same. Now App Clip allows users to photograph the app icon and the same is opened without the need for installation.

  1. Multitasking with Ease

User of iOS app can now multitask easily and securely. If they are watching a video they can shrink the same and continue with email messaging. Later on after messaging they can enlarge the video.

  1. Easy Payment Options

App Clips and Apple Wallet can be combined to give users easier payment methods. It is very similar to experience they get from QR codes.

  1. Group Messaging Features

There is great expanded feature for message apps. It will have group messaging like those in team based business apps.

  1. Improved Apple Maps

By partnering with third party users may find Apple Maps guiding them to destinations around the world.

  1. Blue Whales AR

Blue Whale adding AR to user apps may significantly enhance several opportunities and strategies in iOS experience.

Stay tuned for updates from WWDC on how great the brand’s devices are improving.

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