Tips And Tricks To Pick The Best Gaming Monitor

Tips And Tricks To Pick The Best Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors are specifically designed to make the product of your graphics card and CPU look attractive when gaming. The monitors are responsible for displaying the final picture. Furthermore, the gaming monitors come in varying, shapes and types in terms of color, image sharpness, and variation.

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Important features in a gaming monitor

Before you decide on any gaming monitor, you must check its specifications carefully. The following are some important features that you must know before taking your pick.

  • Resolution: Resolution measures the length and height of a screen in terms of pixels that form an image. People prefer high-quality HD monitors that have a resolution of 1280 X 720 or more as it makes the details of a game or any program clearer.
  • Color: The color that is portrayed by a monitor also affects the image that you are viewing. Your image clarity and authenticity depends on your screen’s contrast ratio, brightness, color gamut, and black level.
  • Screen size: Monitor size is measured diagonally, from one corner to another. A larger monitor screen paired with high resolution means a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Refresh rate: Refresh rate is the rate at which the whole screen refreshes the image. A higher refresh rate makes the motions on the screen look smoother as the images of every object are updated at a faster pace.
  • Response time: Response time is the time that a single pixel takes to change the color in terms of milliseconds. Lower response time means fewer changes in motion causing images to blur. The response time must also be fast enough to match the refresh rate.
  • Aspect ratio: Aspect ratio is the proportion of width to height. The square and boxy monitors have been replaced by widescreen screens. Modern games support various aspect ratios from ultrawide to widescreen. Furthermore, an ultrawide screen provides a surrounded motion that immerses you more in the gaming experience.


The features mentioned above are the most important specifications that you need to choose before picking a gaming monitor. Make sure you know your requirements and make decisions accordingly.

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